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Wednesday, August 25

own little world

    own little world, originally uploaded by inspiredfries.

    the subject and i, with no visual contact,but sharing the wonderful feeling of peace and serenity our nature provided. indulging in our own little world (she was reading with her book on her lap while i peeped into mine through the lens of my camera),disconnecting from where we came from, i felt a miraculous connection between us.

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Tuesday, August 17

coconut trees

    coconut trees, originally uploaded by inspiredfries.

    blunders on stage to laugh about, happy things to share wid'ya and all things estatic upcomming!

    1) during my 2nd set on sat, my rubber soles came off(dammit! both?!!). i was dragging my feet and laughing my ass off as i pretended to do the bad moon-walking across the whole stage for 45mins. no sh*t. i was embarrassed to the core, but it was so fuc*ing hilarious!

    2) *shouts* i lost 6kgs! feeling sooo much lighter,the feel of gaining back some confidence i've dropped has been the most rewarding(but not at all proud yet coz i've a goal to hit *tsk tsk*) AND?? take a look at these babies *flexes her muscles and smirking* !!

    3) *hyperventilates* i've got another exclusive listing! woo hoo!

    4) wot else? SCUBA DIVING TRIP is next week! screammmmmmmm!!!!

    wot a whooping awesome month man! i'm prancing around like a lil' girl heading home with a box of candies.

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Sunday, August 15

    i buried my face in my hands,
    but i still see you
    sense you
    smell you
    hear you
    in my ears, i felt you.

    i thought i have you
    with me
    butterflies smiling at me.
    till it hit me.
    shredded pieces of beautiful things
    they fluttered off with broken wings.

    how did i loose you?
    it pains me to miss you.
    my eyes,
    blinded without you.

    so i bury my face in my hands,
    and i still see you
    sense you
    hear you
    smell you
    in my ears i still feel you.

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    little star

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Friday, August 13

Contradicting me.

    i want a companion.

    not really a "boyfriend", but someone i will be seeing regularly just to hang out, having fun and keeping each other company. i also realize the contradiction that i have in me. ive been actively going on dates and all,i'd even lost count on them. but i stepped back before anything can happen. as now i recall, its always enjoyable and they were all good companies, but i guess i pretty much swapped the green light with the red and waved it about as the night retires, which i had made it very clear how the night should end,with a friendly hug and probably arranging to meet up the following week. i retreated when its time to move forward.

    honestly, there is this one guy who have been slipping into my mind so subtly, that i wasnt aware of, till it happened so often i suddenly realized i was subconsciously missing him(?) know what? i even refused and avoided to meet him up even after his several attemps to try and try and try..and he's still trying. i simply just cant. he's eyes were telling me all that his heart wanted to and he's too nice its too scary for me. no no, its not suppose to be like this!? *furrows brows*

    so now, i'm back in my room. still having thoughts of him and hoping things will cool down and all things back to normal.

    ok. now, where was i? oh..i was saying..

    i want a companion.. *pause and ponders* erm, right?

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Wednesday, August 11

Am I Your Friend?

    1st, there was Friendster, which i thought was such awesome website for locating ur long lost friends! then came, My space, Tickle, Zorpia and the latest, Multiply. all this friends connecting network, some even have sharing digital photos(photo galleries), journals and classified listings additions!? *scoffs* i just think this whole networking thing is becomming so over flooded and irking the sh*t outta me. and i cant believe myself for becomming one of the goondooers of these silly bullsh*t websites. i promise, another one of this and whoever invited me over is gonna geddit from me. yes, all of u.

    so, does not joining the newest friend's list of urs disqualify my to be regarded as YOUR FRIEND?

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Tuesday, August 10

sunbathing under brolly

    sunbathing under brolly, originally uploaded by inspiredfries.

    ive had crazy sleeping hours, a stiff + tight neck and a disgusting amount of time spent bumming around at home enough to double the growing drepression since i started my leave.i have 2 more weeks to go and im dreading it.if only i can afford another holiday or some short courses, or anything i hope i can do to make these 2 weeks more productive. im getting sick of wasting money for coffee or any kind of meet-ups and still doing so just to prevent going bonkers while i stayed home too much surfing the net and traumatising my poor black cat.i worry that its going to be the 1st suicidal cat who wanted to end its life for the frequent torments it got from me and the boredom from seeing me too much.i love my cat alot, i wont let it do silly things to himself.

    maybe i should bring my cam out and snap the boring people on the streets tomorow. it'll be comforting to know there are people who are worst than me, throwing time or wasting money hanging around town. some even believe they're helping or contributing to boost singapore's economy (?) *laughs*

    so now, no holiday or interesting courses for me. *pouts* i should just take out the photo's i took from my previous trips(like this one *pointing to the just uploaded beach pic*) and drool on it.

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Thursday, August 5

New Templates

    new templates! yippee!
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Sunday, August 1

Da great month of Aug!

    hey its august and im estatic about it! so many fun things in line waiting for me and i just think this mth is all so new! let's see, hmm..i have 2 plays to catch this week, Dim sum dollies with jona babe and Women in Black with babyG this coming tue! whoo hoo! on mon, i'll be starting my new job too and im keeping my fingers crossed for everything remaining tip top good after i went in. i really dun wanna screw things up. *nods* so what else is even crazier for me? my advance diving course in the 28th of this month is just super whopper duper ace! there's also too many catching up sessions weekly! i can literally jump, hop and dance around the house with these exciting plans for the month.

    happy bunny is me.


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