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Wednesday, April 30

    im in new york! went for pizza around the corner just to past time (waiting for bed time-jet lag sucks!) and was suprised at how good it really taste comparing it with the rest that i'd tried.

    anyway, super super sleeping now, i'll prolly start dreaming the sec i lie on the bed.

    night folks. zzZZ
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Monday, April 28

    *rants and raves* remember that i bought my faulty lomo and had to change it at kino? then i bought my holga and ALSO had it changed at project shop? after all this fucking nonsense, i just realised my holga is still faulty! arrgh!! the nice ppl from ruby told me to bring it back to the shop and request for a one to one exchange,but i was already burning with anger becoz im leaving for new york tomorow, i guess i can only stick to choosing the 16 exposures of 6x4.5cm for now. so irritating.

    but why is it always MEeeee...


    i wonder will i still be able to blog when im in new york. if not, i'll see you in 18 days!

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    i guess i'll have to change my plan
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Friday, April 25

    its been some time since i last wakeboarded. so i was sponsored to accompany sistakin to wakeboard today, but i have a blocked nose and is still tired from yesterday's late night, so i wasn't as estatic ias i should be. *yawn*

    ok, gotta get ready for now. -_-

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    1 against 1
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Wednesday, April 23

    on charm's ROM..

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    love story
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    another kind of war, the same kind of heroes. its a great site. the darkest hour bring forth the greatest heroes. for shining forth, let us cheer them on.

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Sunday, April 20

    hey everybody! i have sucessfully completed my first Tandem Skydive with Brisbane Skydiving Centre! damn cool! damn awesome! wooooo hoooo!

    we set off at 815am with them picking us up with two other canadian siblings that's joining us, the 45mins journey to willowbank will just mean that i can catch up more sleep. -_- .when we got all sitted and filling up the necessary forms, we were bugged by a whole lotta houseflies that especially loved to terrorize el (i thought seeing her brushing them off her ears like a monkey was funny.), haha.


    we were all set and readily geared up waiting estatically for the intructors to go through the procedures detailedly with us. we had to keep arms crossed blah blah blah, tapping on our shoulder means blah blah blah, when all in all, i was fighting back the thought that im afraid of heights. *gulp* . "so we will be 12500ft above the gound.......", and the rest of it did not get into my head even when i tried so hard to read his lips and catching what the intructor had to say. alright, i must concentrate, must concentrate.

    the six of us had to be cramped into a very limited space in the SKYLANE VH-BOH laying back on one another and when it reached the clouds, i was totally mesmorized by the sea of the white floating clouds. i was trembling so hard (correction: not becoz of the fear, but i was freezing cold), but when i looked down i felt all numbed (erm ok, this time round, the fear had got me.). finally when they lifted the sliding grill, i know its time to face the challenge. oh gawd.

    "now cross ur arms and keep it close to your chest!", i do as i was told. "now let your feet ----!" ,huh? was it down or up? i tried to listen hard but my ears were blocked and he pointed to let my feet down so that i cant back out and decided to push myself back while he pushed forward.

    the rest of it, was heaven. i wanted to shout for joy, scream and yell as hard but i really cant hear myself (but i heard him from the back (?) ). he pulled for the parachute very early so that we can enjoy the view slowly and i thought everything below didn't look real as they were tiny as my finger tips. i like the feeling when you're up. i somehow hope i could just stay there and stop time. i was high up and i wish i had my camera with me (i didn't get the video and photo package as we didn't think it was necessary), but we took pics before and after the jump though. :)

    i will definetely do it again if i have the 2nd chance. no doubts about it. i love it.
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Saturday, April 19

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Friday, April 18

    woo hoo! so i've done all my prezzie shopping and will be heading to gold coast for some sun tanning with my two lovely bunnies later! i can't wait! *waiting in anticipation* visiting the dreamworld yesterday was super ace, but just for the queing process is enough to drain your mood to zero *sheepish look* my favourite ride will definetely be the Tower of Terror that shoots u up to at least 30 floors high and speeding you down within seconds *heart beat still pounding hard as she thought of it* .

    last, we finally reached our long waited moment, the koala visit at the astralian widelife experience. yay! the koalas were so cute and the soft look in their eyes can really melt you down. when its our turn for photo taking with the super cutie koala, sistakin el and i enthusiastically ran up to give it a big hug, while the photographer and macho wil were adjusting themselves for our perfect shot, we were gritting out teeth with endurance and forcing the smile from our face. >_< the koala stinks! as soon as macho wil had his picture taken, we were walking out and laughing our ass off with the look on his face from the stench he just got himself, muahahaha.. i still can't shake the smell of it till now. yucks!

    we ended the night with movies at meyer center, watching anger management. well, unless you guys have nothing else to do for the night and wanted to just feel rested but not wasted, or else do not opt for the movies, 3 tix with one student pass, costed us 37 bucks! oh..*raised both hands to the air* what the hell..
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Tuesday, April 15

    so i spent over a hundred today at the Indooroopilly buying lingeries for mah-self and mah dear girlies! arghh, damn that macho wil for insisting to bring us to some shopping business *finger pointing at willie* and we ended up heading straight to Target where we began our theraputic shopping! i was grouchy and grumpy when we drove up and my face lit up from the moment i picked up mummy pat's prezzie!

    oh gaud...there goes my moonies again. *lets out a heavy sigh*

    macho wil's hostel was expectedly small, but its a size enough for someone big and beefy like him to roll himself all around, haha.. *throws cheeky look at machco wil* he took us for a stroll last night to his sch(University of Queensland) and there was this garden beside that has a name that sounds like "pathetic garden". we saw some kinda animal digging away in the trash bin and naturally, i thought it was a cat from far, it didn't react when i called for it and as we moved closer, we were stunned when it looked up staring curiously at us! "wot the hell is that?", squeeked el, when i hastily digged my hands into my bag reaching for my cam and snapping away but i only took a few shots as el warned that one of it looked like its all ready to attack if we were to step any closer. we were arguing what it resembles. macho wil said its got features that reminded him of a rat, el laughed at its cute nose that she thought belongs to a pig, besides not having puffy long tail, it actually looks like a racoon! well, maybe we were ignorant, but i will definetely check out what it actually is. *smiles*

    their showing Billy Elliot soon and i need to get into the shower before it starts. oh, and that macho wil IS bugging me to hand over his pc to him.. *mutters rudely at the stingy bug*

    baa baaaai..

    *jumps into the shower*
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Monday, April 14

    im in brisbane!! *punches fist in the air* ayayayay! came down to visit macho wil and we just had dinner over at The Pancake's Hse. but im so damn tired and i need to turn in very soon. will update more tomorow.


    *pathetically crawls back to bed*

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Saturday, April 12

    super cheeky man. *laughs* you've got to watch the slow play.


    ok, so checkthisoutman had called me out for a dip today. we bumped into florence and chatted quite abit till we missed the time for swimming. so she still carry on to digress about how fat and how much weight she'd put on(but i really don't give a damn), and that i had to plan for sunday to swim just to ease her mind of being paranoid.


    paper mabel passed her driving test! *beams* congrats paper!

    and so i have to surrender to my bed for now. gotta be up and ready by 9am tomorrow (or later? whatever lah.).
    nightey night folks! *blows kisses*

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    blue and sentimental

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Thursday, April 10

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    .War Not Over.
    even as US troops pull down saddam's statue in baghdad, washington warns it will not stop until it has 'finished the job'....

    .More from SGH down with bug.
    still no news on how such a large group came to be infected...

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    baby don't quit now
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Wednesday, April 9

    all about the naked truth. i like the way they they strip these ppl naked by fading their clothes, piece by piece. *warning eyes* now..don't get too excited boys and girls. (mummy pat, you know what i mean right? muahahah..).

    its not about the dirty thoughts you're fantacizing. they shared their naked experiences. some are bold enough to show their faces. some shared, but blurred their identity. but i remembered when i was a kid, i was hardly spotted running around naked. very shy and conservative, i guess this is part of the singapore culture anyway. you would inevitably be tease and make fun of, then they'll warn that it is wrong. the police will come and catch, you see.

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    more than you know
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    "he who knows he is a fool is not the biggest fool,
    he who knows he is confused is not in the worst confusion"
    - Chuang-tzu.

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    time after time
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Tuesday, April 8

    all about SARS.

    * six have died and 106 are infected
    * one sure sign is that a sense of humour has begun to show through: 'my colleague told me Sars stands for Singaporeans Are Really Scared,' said 31-year-old engineer Loh Kar Kheng.
    * an SMS message doing the rounds says: nobody cares if I live or die but everyone cares if I cough. ( i kana a sales assistant drifting away from me even when i sneezed last week, and i saw her making short quick steps to the back while trying to act calmed at the same time. damn funny. )
    * other people point to the high recovery rate. ( my main concern )
    * but today, as more is known about the virus and the situation appears under better control, some singaporeans are breathing easier.
    * people are now crazy for ban lan geng, a chinese herb for treating virus symptoms such as fever, chills and body aches.
    * the rush has driven the price of ban lan geng up from $2.70 per 100 g, to $13. ( = daylight robbery. sames goes to cod liver oil too. )
    * but there appears to be a downside, said one family doctor, who is now treating more cases of diarrhoea because people have taken too much. ( please take note )
    * meanwhile, vitamins, masks and other products to keep one in the pink of health have been flying off pharmacy and health shop shelves.
    * some people were bidding for and selling masks on the Internet. A box of 20 goes for more than $100. ( no, im not buying these shit )
    * but for most Singaporeans, life goes on. ( *switches on the "boh chap" mode* )
    * the crisis has brought us closer emotionally. ( always look on the bright side of life.. )

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    walking on air

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Sunday, April 6

    someone i know striked 4D yesterday. 1st price! but she only bought a dollar for it. *shrugs* $2000, better than nothing. god, i thought i had been a devoted prayer? what happened?

    *sits back and ponders for a long moment*

    shit, i know why lah....*bangs her fist on her desk lightly* because i didn't buy?!?!

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    perhaps perhaps perhaps
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Friday, April 4

    chungdie says:
    hahah..ur cat sticks to u alot..cute!
    kingtubb says:
    yes, but they are going to stick to you too. cherise will be able to tell you're a cat lover and that you think she's cute ...
    kingtubb says:
    guero is going to take one look (and one sniff) at you, then turn back to me, smile, and say 'thanks Dad!'
    kingtubb says:
    (before he starts rubbing his luxurious fur against you ... weaving back and forth ... purring softly)
    chungdie says:
    i'll love them both..
    kingtubb says:
    yes, and if you sit still, say on a couch, with your feet up on the coffee table or ottoman, they will both crawl onto you ... 23 pounds of lovin'
    kingtubb says:
    cherise will talk to you too ...
    kingtubb says:
    if you look at her and say something and pause, she will answer
    chungdie says:
    im impressed..
    kingtubb says:
    loads of fun ...
    kingtubb says:
    (asking cherise) what's that you say kitty, Chelsea will never beat Man U?
    kingtubb says:
    kitty: meow
    kingtubb says:
    kitty, to how many decimal places can you calculate pi?
    kingtubb says:
    kitty: meow
    kingtubb says:
    kitty, what hurts?
    kingtubb says:
    kitty: meow
    kingtubb says:
    she picks up her cues really well
    kingtubb says:
    (and has climbed onto my lap as I type ... she must know we're talking about her)
    chungdie says:

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    butterfly caught
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Thursday, April 3

    i was wearing a mask when i was in the movies yesterday. there was these two school girls who turn back and was laughiing away at me and my sis when they saw our masked face. its no laughing matter when u know u got it and unconsiously infected the innocent ones. i wonder what the fuck they're laughing at. i stayed firm and calm. i don't want to make a scene, but i really want to cough right in their face(even though i didn't have SARS) and teach them a lesson by freaking the shit out of them. get lost.

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    it takes a thief
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Tuesday, April 1

    its April Fool's day. but everything that i recieved from the news has no cheering power at all..

    i raised my head and looked into the beautiful sky. when everything below it is so negative, staring into the sky can surprisingly calmed u down. so quiet, so peaceful, so safe.

    i hate to watch the saddening news on tv. when they say "war", it ringed "lame fighting game" in my head. the SARS in singapore is so depressing and terrifying. its not me that im worried. its afraid of losing my loved ones that sending cold sweat down my spine. please, if praying for peace will help, i'll be so damn devoted to it.

    *chants prayers*
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