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Wednesday, May 18

Great Granny Told My Life

    my beloved and dearest great granny once(so long ago) held my palm so close to her face i almost thought she was smelling it. i remembered how she scrutinised every details on my palm so carefully that it was almost like watching her running through an interesting journey of my life as she walked those lines with her squinted eyes on my palm, bringing it nearer, then shifted it up and then down and back up again to a perfect angle for more scrunity later. i was so intrigued by her precision then. she splurted something, followed with an affirmative look. these words, which till today, might be one of the reasons why i am still alive. i mean, its like one of the millions of reasons alright. pfft.

    "hmm..very long life you will live.."

    my eyes lit up and was estatic to hear more. will i be pretty? is my future husband mr A(some hong kong actor whom i used to idolise. just in case you dont know, now, i only idolise me and myself for now. aparently, narcissistism has gotten into me?)? will i become very very very smart in the future(i was secretly wishing it would happen, so i can fuck school and play all day)? i had so many questions, so much greed and laziness then. *stops to ponder for abit* erm..ok, maybe still. *shrugs*

    "good..good..your ANG (meaning husband in hokkien) will sayang you"

    what about my financial status? how did i ended up in a human body(i always believe im an alien trapped in a human's body)? when will my ESP really show? why? why? why? i dun care if i live a long life if i dun enjoy it, no(?)anyhow, i took her words through the life ive led and it somehow became a believe.

    so. what's my drift?

    my constant headaches, back, shoulders and neck ache every other day. the words that are starting to haunt me, that now i might even live a long miserable and painful life. its unthinkable. i miss my great granny. come back to hug me and tell me how life will be fine.

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Tuesday, May 10

Muse's Birthday Week

    it was muse's birthday on tuesday and thanks to damien, we had our last minute reservation at this thai fusion place near the old parliment house. its call 1827. love the ambient, and its quiet with loads of privacy. even though they didnt serve the best food, its a decent place with an inexpensive price list for food and drinks.

    i lost to be the first to send my warmest wishes, but i set my alarm to be the last. the usual me, insisting to be the most unsual. *smiles*

    its school holiday week and im addicted to watching the seinfield's vcd that i got from Xbabyg , house parties, sleeping, having late suppers, more sleeping, scented/non scented candles, and then.. even more of sleeping. ive been well rested and still feeling sleepy at work (?)

    the sad news recently was that claudia's been hospitalised. walking out of gleneagles, i felt my heart sunken abit and told muse that it hurts to see her in such pain. im not the emo type, but i feel for people who suffers in pain. so helpless and so vulnerable. i put my heart, and i put my soul, to wish for her speedy recovery.

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Tuesday, May 3

exam dissapointment.

    its exam week and im crushed. i tried to sqeeze every drip of my brain for the answers and i didnt think there was any miracle at all. *pouts* had my super duper late lunch at 430pm after i dragged my feet outta the exam hall. hell and hunger.

    lunch at mos burger and i ordered my favourite rice burger. depressed, but , still yummy i tell ya. now you know, even feeling depressed didn't affect my appetite. sigh. i don't think i will ever succeed to loose that erm .. *pinches flabby everywhere* i mean these disgusting wobbly fats. french fries never fail to perk me up. *dip dip* *munch munch* took out the text book and i so much wanted to slap my blocked brain for those questions were what i had selected to revise. my pea brain decided to play me out. *middle fingers stupid self* i am unforgivable.

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