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Monday, September 29

Pole-Sitter Massa with Disaster Struck.

    “We had a good strategy and all the signs were there that we could get a one-two finish. But things can change in a moment and that's what happened today. At the pit stop, one of the guys made a mistake. But we are only human. Each one of us always tries to do our best and these things can happen.”

    -Felipe Massa-

    with the right attitude, to me, he is already the winner.
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Thursday, September 25

Never Settled Anyway.

    ex classmate of my primary school and i were discussing about our next gathering, and this convo came up. soo funny!

    Di says:
    i was just a skinny boney african

    assignments are getting on my nerves.... says:
    haha.. ya lo.. uve been hyper active since primary school!

    Di says:

    Di says:
    u rememebered!!

    Di says:
    but im still quite hyper leh

    Di says:
    why ah??

    assignments are getting on my nerves.... says:
    im so afraid of u cos u r taller than me! alway bully me!

    Di says:
    jia lat. see, thats why i can never "settle down" (with pun!!)

    Di says:

    assignments are getting on my nerves.... says:
    i think your mum must fed u steroid when u r baby!

    Di says:

    assignments are getting on my nerves.... says:

    Di says:
    i think my mum was taking steroid when she was having me!!
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Wednesday, September 24

Aches aches and more aches.

    much that i wanted to apologize for the lack of post, i didnt think too much of ramblings are good for my avid readers. not that im implying that i even have anything slightly interesting today, but i thought some words might keep the inpatient ones (you know who you are) at bay.


    my shoulders and neck ache irks me every single day (or evening, to be more precise). yoga and excersising(cardio and golf) doesn't help. what's wrong with me?

    mmmm. maybe i should start with getting ample rest (like clocking sufficient hours of sleep. say 7.5hours?)? hmm. *bites lips*

    you see?

    sometimes, even after identifying the problem and finding solution, we're still left in agony.

    heyo. just do, don't think.
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Tuesday, September 23


    as i carefully make my steps over a puddle of water along a narrow walkway, with the obvious of not getting wet *eyes rolling*, some ijiot came dashing past me, and got my feet all wet.

    he didnt even turn to look.


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Wednesday, September 17

Ah *Mei Tix are here!

    tickets have arrived at my desk. *grinning ear to ear*

    and grandprix next week!

    omg, but im not even close to being spoilt YET.



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Sunday, September 14

Where Does the Wind Blow?

    sunday with a headache is not fun.

    hokay, am off for seinfield. something mindless and lighthearted.

    preparing for monday blues? :P


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Saturday, September 13

AQUA's FHM Party.


    beat from the range today (and it was good fun as usual with audrey and jeremy this time!) and yoga in the early evening before din din and movie (mama mia errrrr, was ok lah).

    and there's tennis tomorrow (if the 2nd day of my menses doesn't tired me down too much that is)!

    i missed all the babes at the FHM party(and im not sure they even have all the 100 FHM girls there *cries*) last night but it was good to be at the new bar AQUA (to read more of Aqua the new bar at clarke quay, read here.) located at clarke quay, right at the bottem of the bridge.

    the bar was nice and cool(albeit the humid whether yester) and has a very open concept. quite different from the usual bars you get along our boat/clarke quays , and i felt like i was on the deck of a yatch when i as standing on the 2nd level with a bar and the DJ console, overlooking the river, and the myriad of parties that was going on this busy buzzy friday night, quite a different experience if i may say, and being quite a non-bar-visitor myself, i was enjoying the view of all the beautiful people at the ground level.

    my drinks were kept to a minimum as always, and fun has always been better that way. (pics up soon i hope!)

    ta for now.

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Thursday, September 11

FearDAR got me.

    i was heading back with my cam and my tripod and on the corner of my eye, i see something following my pace from the side.

    i am (seriously!!) still slightly twitching as the thought of it.

    what was it?

    *screams* it was a freakin roooooooooooooooach..........!

    O.O *spasm for 3 seconds while i almost drop my cam!*

    but i was at robertson quay and was exuding this cool babe with big cam look, thus, i quickly (*ahems* although my spastic 3 seconds was quite retarded) regain my composure and very calmly taking small quick steps scurrying off with periodic glance at the roach's direction.

    i tell u, it's true! crocroaches have "fear-DAR" (like we have radar or gaydar lah!)! i am not the only victim but i gather histories of my fellow anti-roaches-party-gang and we all shared the same tragedy of such!

    why??? why us??

    why must u make me swear if i have my chance, i will make sure i watch u die before i feel peace and calm. why can't such things never happen to me (like how i never win lottery/toto/4D etc, although i buy like once or twice a year only:P) and leave me in peace with less disgust of ...u???


    still slightly traumatised and i can't shake the image of the follwing roach off my mind.

    grrrrrrrrrrr. *faints*
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Wednesday, September 10

Bill Schwab.

    he quoted Patterns..

    ". . . And the pattern still remains on the wall where darkness fell,
    And it's fitting that it should, for in darkness I must dwell.
    Like the color of my skin, or the day that I grow old,
    My life is made of patterns that can scarcely be controlled."

    by Simon and Garfunkel, 1965 ..

    and it makes everything else more beautiful. :)

    i like his work straight away, as i could see what i also had in mind for what i wanted to do, from his series of work, but now i need to find my way out of following his path (because he already did the same project), and the challenge is for me to bring out a different perspectives. nonetheless, his work has been very inspiring.

    he said..

    “I started out idolizing Ansel Adams and those photographers then grew bored with their work and now I love it and I see fully what they were trying to do. We can’t all go out and take Ansel Adams photographs because we’re not all Ansel Adams. I had to go through all these steps to find my own vision. I’m still finding it- constantly.”

    i could not agree more.

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Monday, September 8

Ego and Me.

    time really flies, and its been 9 months into the year of 2008. i hope everyone had a time so far. at least i truly am.

    well not the whole of being ecstatic about life per se, or nor i have the best thing come my way at all, but i do believe that hiccups in life are always good challenges in life if you have a positive view about what and how to learn from mistakes. and if not, its not to late to start believing.

    as the memories of countless events (the high and low of each) of the year 2008 surfaced, i came to realize that expectations of being appreciated gets to me the most. interesting. because its proves that no matter how little i expect from (every)another, i did not let go of my ego to be appreciated. which reminded me of what i had once came across, when i was reading about meditation and self transformation, that one has to first start to identify your own egos before you can work around how to let that egoistic u go.

    i have noticed how i have cut down saying "unless mummy stop doing that". although i am not her best daughter, i am trying to be better every time (and i also know that my progress can't be taking too long :P, i know, really.).

    at work, it will be quite a challenge for my ego side to subside, because my boss has always taught me to be an aggressor. nonetheless, i will keep track, pronto.

    i have mentioned how that someone has thoughts about me not being "good enough", and this is the easiest to trigger my ego self while i refuse to be secondary. and i came up with this :

    i am not holding on just because i think i am the best for u.

    i am here,
    because of you.

    ironically, i did not think that you are perfect too.

    but now i see how this has been quite beautiful.
    we are still here, you and me.

    it should only be this simple.


    like i said, the progress does not have to be substantial, but we always have to self discover. its been a journey so far so good(very good indeed) for me, and i know the best has always yet to come. baby steps or big steps, its the first step that deserves a pat on the back.
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Friday, September 5

Come Run With Me..

    weekend is here again, and we sit and wonder how superb this weekend can be. golf, high tea, girlies, yoga, sistakinnies i miss weekly, oh i love my family.

    whats yours gonna be like?

    chillaxing at home - sounds good too with a book and drawing a line with the usual buzz of this lil city? its always nice to do something nice, to make up for the crazy week, so some of u , like me, doesn't go bonkers. for the world can be such a crazy place, and we have no one but ourselves to watch our own backs and our steps ahead while we balance ourselves and make our each day a better one.

    if only i can ring your bell and bring back your smile, laughters and a smashing weekend ahead,
    come, run with me.

    smile for it's friday! :)


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Wednesday, September 3

Amazon Is To Blame,Really.

    times like this when i thought i was getting more sensible and disciplined..

    Amazon destroyed me.


    well the damage wasn't large to start, but i definitely didn't need 5 books at a go. *growls* i can be such a hopeless bunny (omg, am i destined to be broke? because bunny really doesn't have a pocket! okok.. in case u don't get my lame drift, a bunny does not have pockets like a kangaroo, so that i can keep my wallet? *eyes rolling and rolling*)

    can't really cry over the spilled milk now can i? *laughs* so i should anticipate the arrivals of Sophie Kinsella, Candace Bushnell, Emily Giffin and Jen Lancaster! *grins*

    muah ha ha.

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Tuesday, September 2


    there are some truth we refused to face. are you guilty to face the reality? i miss my friends but the time will never be waiting to ask what is wrong. we have to move on.

    it saddened me to have to walk away from some friends, but i couldn't care more than questioning what have we done wrong? whatever your comfort corner, i wish you are happy, i wish u are well , and i am sorry that i have to free the cage and set us apart.

    bye bye my friend. im walking away with all my well wishes.

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