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Friday, May 30

    new york, new york.

    jewish cathedral in 96th street.

    wall art at soho.

    the met museum.

    naked cowboy at times square.

    street besides met museum.

    the guggenheim.

    more wall art.

    bridge over troubled water..(central park).

    *sobs* i miss new york. i miss MAH BAYBBEEE..! *pauses for a sec* *wails*

    had been soooo busy. running errands the whole day (erm, i should mean these days), i hardly have time to blog anymore. *sulking and feeling apologetic* sorry ya'all, hope these pics feed you good. the black and white series are comming up soon too! *prances around her room* its like the bonuses of your life when things had been kinda greyish lately (with my work and no income).

    oh, i met deborah in the train today!! i've not seen her for ages! we gotta know each other since 1996 at work, we clicked straight away and hung out well till she quitted and we lost contact after that. she had been a big sister to me, she took care of me alot at work, she's the street smart sort and funny, but some people from work dissed her becoz of her tactless attitude, but i thought she's just very real, and plus, i admired her guts to speak her mind freely even if it meant telling the people off right in their face when they pisses her off. ok, back to where i was..so you know what's strange? iwas just thinking about her days ago. i wondered how she'd been doing, i kinda miss the days we hung out at her place after work, always smoking and laughing..SO! while i was on the phone in the train, she walked passed my sight and sat down opposite me! *laughs* so you should know what happens when two old friends met(alot of squeeking and repeated phrases like "argh!!! its been sooo long !!") after 7 long years, and unexpectedly, she appears right before you when you'd only thought about her whereabouts two days ago. im looking forward to meet her up again already!

    late late, time for bed.

    background + nowadays
    renee zellweger (soundtrack from the movie, chicargo)
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Monday, May 26

    i have a gig tonight. even if its only a relieve for my previous band. i'm so excited!

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Sunday, May 25

    background + catherine zeta jones
    and all that jazz (chicargo's soundtrack)
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Wednesday, May 21

    .Sars-free seal of approval.
    yay! its such great news, isn't it? the war against Sars will go on. It's a long-term struggle, a guerilla war, but we'll gear up, mobilise and stop any new case which pops up. keep our spirits up. :)

    i've uploaded more pictures in my fotolog. (if you're interested)

    the wheather here is unbearable. everyone's complaining. what the hell is wrong ? when i was in new york, V lip told me, "winter just won't leave..". thier supposed to enjoy spring but the cold wind form winter still lingers. now im back and i feel like the sun is burning my very soul every afternoon and the wheather at night is horribly humid. *screams*

    background + not the life for me
    sutton foster- soundtrack from "thoroughly modern millie"
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Sunday, May 18

    ive uploaded some pics i took from ground zero in my fotolog. will upload the rest after i got them developed. im still tired. *yawns* still having my jet lag, still gotta work tomorow, still haven't unpack my luggage. i have alot of things undone and im still nua-ing here waiting for my imaginery fatimah to come and pack and serve me.

    *spanks herself repeatedly for being such a lasy ass*

    ok, will touch my luggage tomorow when i wake up. :p
    *mental reminder to bring her film to Ruby's tomorow*

    background+ ella fitzgerald and count basie
    dream a little dream of me
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Friday, May 16

    strolled along central park to the MET Museum today. scuttled to Guggenheim Museum. its my last full day here in new york city and as i had mentioned before, im kinda twirled into the mixed feeling of wanting to be home and missing this place especially the one person here.


    we should be heading out now. gotta run to the Macy's for my last shopping spree and then we'll be having baby g's belated birthday dinner.

    did i mention that someone once told one of my ex : "dude, if you love her, you gotta feed her" . yes, i lurve food. so now, im snacking and looking forward to the dinner. wah lau, i think i have to accept the fate that i won't be slim and sexy. so sad. but its not as sad as knowing i cant be a supermodel when i only measure up to 1.58m. why? why cant shorties like me be supermodel? *wails* so unfair! maybe i should start some kind of riot. *evil grin*
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Thursday, May 15

    we're going for another broadway show today. was supposed to be "Les Miserable" but V lip had a better suggestion. verry thoughtful of her. we went to B3 last night to catch lauren's comedy act. its a open mike concept and some of them erm..suck big time. we all like the black guy, who's the mc, and lauren's fourth time has definetely proved her talent.i'd like to come see her act again next time.

    time for bagel with my baby g. bye!

    (ps : he's peeping from behind. pfft)
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Saturday, May 10

    a conversation over the phone between a mother and son. he was playing with his mum. apparently, im with the son, so i can only get his mum's reply from this funny bun. i thought they were funny.

    mum came to the phone..

    son : hello, can i speak to V lip? this is G lip speaking.

    son : erm, this is her son.

    son : u know? the one with specs, remember? (by the way, she only have one son)

    son : vaguely?
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    met up with seth and lori for japanese dinner at zutto(i think its named that). the food was yummy but it summed up to be not cheap. we went to the Tribeca Film Fest after that to catch "The Wannabes". they had a small speech and to our suprise, the director came up and introduce himself too. this is an australian comedy which i thought some of the jokes were stupid but funny, its kinda entertaining.

    will blog more later. kofee at Times Square for now!

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Tuesday, May 6

    this is fun. i want to put together the faces of the people i hate most and print them out so that i can throw darts at them while i shit in the toilet and feeling bored. yay!

    .DOC EVIL.
    Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash, "Mrs. Anthrax". women in powerful positions.
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Sunday, May 4

    i had a weird dream this morning. here it goes..

    scene 1-
    i saw a man who in my dream, loved this wife deeply. she was wearing a purple saree and appeared to be dark, so i presumed she's an indian. then there was this indian boy who kept following her around, so i relate him as the indian wife's younger brother. the man's mum had issues with the wife and she decided to make the her daughter-in-law and her innocent brother dissapear all together.

    scene 2-
    i was walking up hill and i reached a HDB block and i was staring from below at a young mother who was doing her laundry on the sfifth or sixth storey and putting her clothes out to dry. somehow, i heard a child wailing somewhere but can't quite figured out where it came from. but i noticed the mother's lips was moving and slowly, her screamings were getting louder and louder as i stood there(as if i was waiting for things to happen). she was still hanging her clothes and constantly looking down on her feet as she screamed at her child who was the culprit of where the wailing came from. the mother got more furious later, she was wearing an evil face and she widened her eye so much that it horrified me and i frozed becoz i thought her eyeballs might popped out that instant. the later part was even more petrifying. her child just couldn't stop his wailing. she dropped her clothes and drummed her fingers furiously at him shouting to warn him to keep quiet and leave her in peace. when her tolerance level was over the limit, she picked up the boy from her feet and stared at him with hatred. with a lil more effort, she throws him off the balcony,went back to her laundry but still carried on to curse her child who was already smashed from the fall at the bottom of the block.

    scene 3-
    i was devastated from what i had just witnessed and idling around the other corner of a desrted area when i was approached by this man who question about my charcteristic. i promptly blurted that im a good person and that i was not the hot tempered sort. after hearing this, he turned his back on me and started saying prayers. then he turned back at me after he finished and asked for my hand. i instantly felt my goosepimples stand when a women stepped out from behind(she was the mother from the 1st scene who killed her daughter-in-law after a trivial!). he introduced her as his mum (oh fuck, he's the man from my previous dream and he wants to replace me with his dead wife!) and said that his ex wife was gentle and good natured. gathering all the info in such short time, i quickly told him that i am not as perfect as his ex wife,plus im not up to it to replace her becoz im short-tempered. from that instant, her mum vanished at the reappearence of his dead wife and her brother.

    whatever happened later, was not clear.


    baby g had went to seth's suprised birthday party, and i missed all the fun.

    WA DAh!

    *slumps back into bed and continues to veg in front of the tv*
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Friday, May 2

    baby g and viki (aka VLips) brought me to a broadway show yesterday name "42 street" and it was awesome! we got the half priced tickets so its all the more worth it! so tonight we're going to catch "David Letterman's Show"!

    don't you just love holidays in newyork?

    woo hoo!!!
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