"dysfuctionally inspired"

Tuesday, May 5

M & M.

    blame it on pms. feelings overpouring on the way home, and while i have a my earpiece plugged in, a certain song made the journey home a tad more emotional than usual. i stopped to admire such pretty sight, while i felt the weight on my shoulders. its haunting me.

    one who doesnt stay manogamous..are they really leopards who doesnt change its spots?

    while i have faced with too many similar situations, i concluded that the option is long gone for me to trust men. either they earn it, or leave it, that i am not the optimist risk taker anymore (may i add that i am still hopeful for the trustworthy one to appear and as i always say, men who comes with plesant suprises - always a keeper), but time i is all i have for them, and for their benefit, please do not try to impress, and do not even try ur lil tricks.

    im bored. its the same stories over and over again. men and manogamy, never quite go together, or do they? skip the new chapters already, its new books and new genres this time.


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