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Thursday, February 26

    was at the liquid room last night. happy birthday sharon sweetie! i din realised how much more tipsy i was till we decided to leave the club. maybe i was just too tired from the lack of sleep for the past few days. >.< but no puking, no drama for me. i just flagged for a cab and slept throughout the journey home.

    on a brighter note, i should be getting prepared for this later.

    *wiggles fingers to wave* ciaos.

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Sunday, February 22

    there was this regular customer my previous band who dragged her husband to me while i was in the midst of a song..

    her (screaming at the top of her lungs so that i could hear her) :
    "you know, you're da best! my husband really give u face you know! (like i care??) he comes every wednesday only to support u! only u! *glances back at the pathetic man who smiled at both of us* you should feel honoured u know! *continues to dance like a mad women shaking her fat ass and smirking* "

    me? i thanked her for telling me and him for supporting, but i have absolutely no idea if i should be glad about the compliment or be weary of her fake attitude and sacarstic remark. hmm.. im keeping my fingers crossed.


    yay! i finally signed up for my scuba diving course for march! woooooohoooooo!! *jumps with hands over head and banging her head hard* and we're going rock climbing in april! *screams* freaking estatic about all this man! ya! yay! yay!

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Monday, February 16

    North East Line- Expo
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Saturday, February 14

    he arrived in his bike, i hopped in and he drove me down to the seaside to catch the sunrise in his arms. when he came back and laid beside me, he took out my favourite strawberries with a pot of fondue, fed me with choc dipped strawberries and whispered softly into my ear. its like dying and reviving again. on this beach, with the sea breeze and the sun rising behind us, i cuddled up closer to his chest, fell asleep and woke up only for a kiss that let me fall back to dream, again and again.

    so perfect.

    i wish it had happened to me. *sigh* right now, i have to go make din din for myself(white rice with olive vegetables). get comfortable while i surfed the channels with my furry deary cat..then, its books and jazz. maybe later, when feelings arised, i might even pack my tripod and camera and get inspired.

    happy valentine's day.

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Wednesday, February 11

    the moves..UNFORGETTABLE..

    the singing..EXTRAORDINARY..

    the man..LEGENDARY..

    william hung from american idol.
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    dear max,

    i believe in karma. so please continue to ignore me so that u will live and grant me my wish to watch u suffer. like salt rubbed into your wound, thick fat bone stuck in ur throat, slipped and fell on broken glasses or gobbling down live roaches while u drown and pathethically seeked help, which ever is justifiable. i don't curse, and had learned to look on the positive side now. see, im already rubbing my hands in glee awaiting for your deserved retribution. nono, im not cursing, it will happen no matter wot, so im just hopping to have the honour to watch the joyful event.

    sleep tight and sweet dreams.
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Sunday, February 8

    the very bad thing about going back to singing, is that i will have to be there whenever im needed. christmas, birthdays, weddings, new year (the list goes on)..

    even the upcoming valentine's day.

    *delete vulgarities* they better pay well man.
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Thursday, February 5

    in my room, i am again reminded of the reality that im living in. i used to blink away all negative thoughts and made myself think that work will come before anything. it used to be so easy, just like abc.

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Monday, February 2

    .DOREMON GAME.whee! 15 stages of fun!


    food for thought.

    i had this thought while i was on my way to work today. why does someone who speaks without thinking be reprimanded like its so wrong? why? why..? let's lay them out for comparison, those who had planned or had it thought about before they start something with you or those who speak what came to their mind 1st. would u not think think the latter though might come as offensive but sounds more genuine?

    just a thought. *shrugs*

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