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Monday, August 21

Pun-Intended Joke.

    if you have read the new paper recently, they now have the pun jokes column and i saw this one.

    Q : why is 6 afraid of 7?
    A : because 789

    *slaps forehead*

    what to say man?
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Friday, August 18

What If We Cant Even Say Goodbye.

    such sad conversation over lunch today and it just hurts to know of such tragic accident. an uncle of my colleague was knocked down and ran over by a bus. argh. i just don't know what to say. my condolences to the poor family. damn. they dont even have the chance to say their last words.

    theres been great concerns of the people who knew about muse's and my decision. thanks everyone, we are doing very well. good friends are those i will keep, and they always have a place in my heart. pronto. *crosses heart*

    losing someone u love is not easy, it tears ur heart but we know the love will stays in ur heart for as love as one live. letting go is a choice. u'll never know what u might find along the path u take. appreciate what we have can be easily said, but only living it will bring true light to your life.
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Thursday, August 17


    here's something to share. many thanks to the bossy one in the office. ahem. cute and interesting flash games.

    cheerios peeps! have fun!
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Sunday, August 13


    when we ended relationship the bad way, we ended up disagreeing. thats bad. and now it has became mutual, like being thought through all this while. what were we waiting for?, i must defend for myself, i was still trying then. but the picture will never look good without the colours. sad and funny, coz ive been expecting this. i miss being single but i know im gonna miss him. *shrugs* but we must never procrastinate time and again. we dont have much patience already.

    some news (a letter from the government) has reached my family and we were all shocked, worried and kinda relieved that the answers are finally out. tomorrow will be visiting day and i wish it went well for mumsie and sisterkin. and him.

    on a totally different note. i was at toys'r'us today and im so tempted to buy the huge bubble blower and what was named a "pop and catch", works like a manual yoyo, so you try to swing the ball to catch it with a small cup-stick that you hold in your hand while the two are attached with string. hwahaha. im such a kid when it comes to playing. weee!
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Sunday, August 6

Nothing Will Dampen My Day.

    irresponsible people gets on my nerves. why do i have them all around me. they are out to irk me and im still trying to maintain my virtue of patience. *breathes in, breathes out*

    pms is no fun and i am a bloody victim for that too. argh.

    im going amsterdam! woooo hoooo! nothing beats this bestest news for now and im depending on it for all the dampening things! finally, a long holiday! we're going to smoke pot legally!! *jumps*

    counting down to september 15th already! happier bunnier me!

    *hops* *jumps* *throws confetti*
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