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Tuesday, April 22

F*CKED Up New Generation Kiddo.

    i laughed my arse off when i came across the below dialogue of sandy's with one of her students last friday. omg. kiddos these days certainly left us adults dumbfolded. so this is not some jokes you circulate from emailing, was from her true experince last friday! it must be frustrating for her, but it was too funny for me (sorry sandy!) i just have to share.

    "And also glad its Friday because I'm tired of getting cussed out by my 4 year olds.

    Little boy: (After taking away a toy from him) THATS F*CKED UP MISS SANDY!

    Me: Oh my god. What did you just say?

    Little boy: I SAID, thats F*CKED UP!

    Me: You know whats eff'd up? Cussing your teacher out! Its 'time out' for you.

    Little Boy: Whats 'eff'd up? I said F*CKED up.

    Me: Eff'd up is another way of saying F*..... nevermind."
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