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Tuesday, November 17

Bye Blogger!

    i've moved! email/sms me for new blog address! :D
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Friday, June 12

Happy Friday!

    Singing K tonight. woohoooo.


    always love friday!
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Monday, June 1

Holly Golightly sleep mask!

    Holly Golightly sleep mask!!

    how cute is this? Get some shut eye looking cute with this satin lined with
    elegant trim & terry backing! sucha darling! usd$14 from Fredflare.com!

    i might get it for pui pui's xams gift!

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Friday, May 29

Random Photography Feeds.


    Milky way (underwater galaxy)

    Magic Underwater

    you know you're on facebook too often when u thought clicking on the current browsed picture will bring you to the next posted pic (in FLICKR). hur hur. stumbled on Javiy's underwater (picked 3 of my personal favourites above) shots - intrigued.
    Asian Geographic’s new competition, Asia Without Borders, is open for entry from now till September 30, 2009. four categories available, specifically aimed to obtain images of asia’s people, landscapes and wildlife. you can even follow their blog to learn more about getting the right shot or read their articles as they add content over the coming month. shoo shoo..go shoot.

    Leica M8 and M8.2

    so simple, so sharp, so exciting. i reeeeally want you. *pouts*

    last but not least. quotes from our beloved Elliott Erwitt

    "All the techniques of the world cannot compensate the incapacity to observe."

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Tuesday, May 26

Twitter Updates.

    love the iridescence in soap bubbles.



    OTW bazzaar organised by 2902 (like a happy sponge, soaking up new inspirations) + totally passed on Samantha Ronson at Fuel, and Above and Beyond at Zouk last week, Stephane Pomounac is reeeally just my only consolation for now + new found obsession for everything iridescent, especially, soap bubbles! (get over my being wierd will u?) + go watch 100 Touching Photo Expressing Loneliness and Solitude in awe + catching up with zach and family bring back feelings all warm and fuzzy + anticipating my diving trip in Redang around june and Manado in aug (not forgetting Lin's wedding in Bali 30th Oct and prolly HKG and NYC too. P/S : not getting close to OD-ing from my ridiculous amount of getaways - because i know i deserve it.) + the sweet lil thing just got sweeter by the day *smiles* + i need to shoot because i need to shoot.

    see that i have absolutely no problem with brievity at all?

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Monday, May 18

2nd Joint Exhibit!

    ON THE WALL ~ Photo Bazaar
    Saturday & Sunday (23rd and 24th May)
    2902 Gallery - Old School

    - informal photography exhibition featuring creative works by budding artists, photographers & enthusiasts (me me me!)
    - photographic flea market to buy camera gears & any other related commodities
    - photographic sharing through public seminars & workshops to benefit both the photographers & collectors community
    - photographic gathering for like-minded people to network & exchange ideas

    Website... http://www.f56gallery.com
    Facebook... http://OTWfacebook.easyurl.net

    or just drop by and say hi! :D

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Thursday, May 14

REAL Gender Studies.

    forget gender studies. Women should start reading Sammyboy and Men should start reading Cozycot. enlightening, real and pretty scary.

    the bitchiness, materialism and superficiality that goes on in one. t lechery, general disrespect for women and superficiality that goes on in the other. makes me wonder why aren’t more people alone. because do we really need them yucky awful beings? ew.

    maybe anonymity filters out the dreg in people. where are the cream of the crop.

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Tuesday, May 5

M & M.

    blame it on pms. feelings overpouring on the way home, and while i have a my earpiece plugged in, a certain song made the journey home a tad more emotional than usual. i stopped to admire such pretty sight, while i felt the weight on my shoulders. its haunting me.

    one who doesnt stay manogamous..are they really leopards who doesnt change its spots?

    while i have faced with too many similar situations, i concluded that the option is long gone for me to trust men. either they earn it, or leave it, that i am not the optimist risk taker anymore (may i add that i am still hopeful for the trustworthy one to appear and as i always say, men who comes with plesant suprises - always a keeper), but time i is all i have for them, and for their benefit, please do not try to impress, and do not even try ur lil tricks.

    im bored. its the same stories over and over again. men and manogamy, never quite go together, or do they? skip the new chapters already, its new books and new genres this time.


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Monday, May 4

The Thing Call Love.

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Saturday, May 2

Random convo with Ulrich.

    3:11amPeter : grow up will you...
    3:12amDiana : thats tough
    3:12amPeter : i know but try lah :D
    3:12amPeter : im attending "grow up academy"...
    3:13amDiana : trying my entire life. never stopped
    3:13amDiana : ahahah
    3:14amPeter : wow... youve tried for 40+ years n still...
    3:14amPeter : :D
    Diana : ...still growing backwards..to be exact...i am REALLY just 21 now
    3:15amPeter : amazing
    3:15amPeter : maybe you can teach the trick someday..??
    3:15amDiana : not easy. if u dun master it well, ur maturity lvls drops while ur still pretty much lok as old. ooops. maybe u alr tried it huh
    3:20amPeter : ????
    3:24amPeter L ure even more boring after hours....;)
    3:25amDiana : tamed
    3:25amDiana : but u never fail to irritate
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Sunday, April 26

Supia Dolls.

    second doll looks so ethereal that it’s hard to keep my eyes off her. but She’s one of the Supia Dolls, A-List Dolls that make normal dolls look like The Muppets and Blythe Dolls look like dog shit. and that’s an insult to the dogs.
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Wednesday, April 22

    Never mistake kindness for weakness. Never take advantage of another person’s time or good will. Never stoop to conquer. Never think you’ll get away with it. Never forget where you came from. Never give up.


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Monday, April 20

Random Day with Qing Ai De

    wakeboard sunday and i was snap happy. hung out with that qingaide and we were amazed by how much alike we are. learning about another is always interesting. (P/S : qingaide is not my bf). like kids we dared each other to dip walk (imagine us bend ur knees as make every step), all the way to cineleisure to get movie tix, and becos both of us did it throughout (yes with people staring and laughing along the way, i am game enough to not care how people look at us), non of us got a free movie and dinner after. damn i should win this.

    to sum it up, it was a very good day.

    wakeboard/kinokuniya (bought a book from Ian Jeffery about reading famous photographs)/coffee club express (topic of new muse)/movies (17 again was quite funny)/pastamania (i dun undertand why i still go after the 2635th time i complained it sucks, see how easy i am with food)/sat under cineleisure(i got to know a secret)/random suggestion to walk along orchard road/sat at some random building and chatted throughout the night (all oh so random)

    random series of events, and not so random coincindence on many similarities we shared. i found my new buddy and have him added on my list.


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Saturday, April 18

Old Postin Drafts.

    will you look beyond what you can see

    peel the layers of my insecurities

    dream of me, keep up with me

    like kites we flew, but do we see

    the sky's been painted

    while u admire this absolute beauty

    crystals be with me

    because you didn't see

    it was me who make this pretty

    i found this post somewhere in my draft, was written last year soemtime in august, and thought i post it anyway.
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Monday, April 13

Lazy Sunday.

    back from HKG, and didnt really get enough of the theraputic experience. slept through my sunday and had a nice dinner at granny's after. chillaxing and lazed through the night. been ages since i last watched tv, and caught Devil wears Prada plus some Who's Line Is It Anyway, so wasnt productive in anyway, and went to bed feeling bad for wasting my day.

    P/S : i do realised that my FB is more exciting than my blog. my aplogies for the lack of updates. thinking about it last night and will post whenever my brian restarts daily.
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Friday, March 27

DIY - Create your own Bokeh

    i like the these Bokeh images. and the best part is you can DIY. although i havent got a clue how can i get the different shaped hole punchers (so its not totally DIY actually. tee hee. still, a good effort right?), or how to land that shape in the middle of the circle, as well as that awful vignette >,<, i think it'll be fun to try it soon.

    Read the DIY link here if you're keen too. :)

    Happy Friday everyone. *smiles*

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Wednesday, March 4

Current Facebook Status Reads..

    "I tried taking pictures, but they were so mediocre. I guess every girl goes through a photography phase. You know, horses... taking pictures of your feet. "

    - Charlotte...Lost in Translation‏
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Wednesday, January 28

    i read about an article about a partner who was caught for contacting his ex secretary although he claimed that there has been nothing between them, just occasional phone calls and lunch and dinner prolly once.

    "All my calls and sms to her were insignificant as there were no feelings involved."

    To be frank, I do not have any feelings for my ex-secretary, just that the opportunity is there to have a cheap thrill. All men will do that. On the day my ex-secretary stops responding, I will also stop."

    if u ask me, i say its really crap. if
    it was never intentional, then why keep it a secret? ask yourself if you have never harboured lustful thoughts of that woman. had she invited you to bed, would you have walked away? truly, has she only been a friend in your heart and mind? an emotional affair is not easy to define. if you choose to believe that you have never felt more than friendship, then it’s easier to blame the wife (or partner) for being paranoid and neurotic.

    the 101 lame excuses men makes. *eyes rolling*

    this article relates to me, because so fortunately, i have recently become a victim for sucha cornered seperation. well, it is fortunate for me, to at least found out before he gets to cheat [with sex], but yet i have only experienced the betrayal of trust, when he went a date while still seeing me. wotever,aven't you heard that sometimes emotions betrayal is more hurtful than physical betrayal?

    and what is beyond me, is how they compare themselves with the weaklings around them, like adultery or having any physical contacts with them.

    wow. seriously?

    wotever man. with those, it DOESN't make u a "better" person and god forbids those who think credits should be given BECAUSE they still have not crossed the line (because there's no sex involved?) YET. to me, you may not have betrayed ur partner physically, but your mind had already
    done that, pronto.

    no lame excuses needed. thank you soooo very much.

    oh well, it doesnt matter if my first post of the year started with such angst, becauseit irks me just how ignorant men can get and i here have to get it off my chest since the market is oooh shooo quiet anyway. :P

    oh and now, i wish you all a happy chinese new year. may all the bad things come to an end, while the beautiful things decends on ur path. hehe

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Sunday, December 21

Virtual Hiatus.

    im on a mini virtual hiatus for month 12 is defo a time for everyone to spread some love!

    will be back sooon i promise.

    be good and have a rock'in december!


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Wednesday, December 10

Shoe Shopping.

    makes every women a happier bitch. i'm serious!

    but despite such expensives splurges to make one happy, im actully contended with one. ahhh. you must think i exude such virtue. i was almost believable right?

    but but but..

    all i want for xmas is just..

    a louboutin. not too much to ask really.

    or is it?


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Sunday, November 30

Month 12! It's a time to..

    chill out. sentosa spa weekend next week. bunny can't wait!

    attend your besties wedding. (my 11th time to be the helping sister for the bride. not sure if its a good sign, but not that i care anyway.) lotsa hearts to J & J!

    pre-x'mas beach parties with girlies! champagnes by the pool!

    nothing beats my meee time with my books. *blissful look*

    a high tea hen's party at ritz carlton. :) unusual and i like it different. hopefully heaps of photographs, gossips and we've heard enough of strippers already.

    spend quality time and laugh with the people you love. (p/s : more thanksgiving!)

    celebrate! its my birthday month! yipeeedee da do.

    garden party is totally random, but i love this picture. makes me wanna have one too!

    just get your gears up to celebrate, get crazy and be wicked for once. after a year of turmoil, im sure we all deserve it.


    what's up with you for this coming festive month?

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Friday, November 28

Happy Friday!

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Tuesday, November 25

Asia's Best Young Entrepreneurs 2008

    i'm a lil late to be announcing this, but with since i have my embaressing story to share (yes i lost my mobile twice this year), i thought this business idea caters to those (who are like me), who unvolunteerily cultivated such bad habits to lose their mobile phones too much too often (it was said that i could even loose my head if i had it is screwed on my neck. :P).

    i was lucky that for the 2nd time this year, kind hearted souls actually retruned me my mobile. we all know that mobile phones in singapore are like the cheapest gadgets to play with, so its really the contacts in the sim card that is what seems to be more important. yes, i never back up and i will always say i will soon, but it still wont happen anytime soon. :P

    and voila! here could just be our saviour.

    Darius Cheung, Varun Chatterji, Rishi Israni, Indradeep Biswas
    Ages: 27, 28, 26, 25Company: tenCube

    "A simple idea goes a long way for these young entrepreneurs in Singapore. When one of their co-founders keep losing his mobile phone, the team got together to find a solution to this familiar problem. tenCube now develops and sells leading mobile-phone security software called WaveSecure. Among other features, WaveSecure allows you to lock your phone remotely, track usage of the device, back up data through the Web, and remotely wipe your private data off the phone even after you lose it. The company boasts high-profile clients such as the Singapore Police Force and the Singapore Defense Ministry. The consumer version of WaveSecure proved to be very popular when it was launched in December 2007, the company had 60,000 WaveSecure users within 90 days of its launch; it has since been adopted by leading brands such as Nokia and Telenor to secure their users' mobile devices. The team is made up of graduates of the National University of Singapore."

    read more here.

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Friday, November 21

Seinfield and Friends to keep me company.

    during times of the sleepy lala land while you're trying so hard to keep your eyes open, i was happy to have ulrich who volunteerily keeping me entertained(and very successful indeed!) with dialogues from "Friends" and "Sienfield" (both are my absolute love!!). so if you're a fan yourself, enjoi.

    Ross: Guess what happened at work?
    Chandler: Um...lets see...a dinosaur DIED a million years ago?!

    "Joey: But I-I-I can't stay too long, I gotta get up early for a commercial audition tomorrow and I gotta look good. I'm supposed to be playing a 19-year-old.
    [Everyone stops in their tracks upon hearing this]
    Chandler: So when you said, "Get up early, " did you mean 1986?"

    Ross: Chandler entered a Vanilla Ice look-alike contest and *won*!
    Chandler: Ross came fourth and cried!

    (monica, phoebe, chadler and joey are stuck in monica's bedroom for the second time and joey pulls out food...magazines and then condoms)
    chandler - condoms??
    joey - hey. you dont know how long we will be here. WE might have to repopulate the earth!
    chandler - and CONDOMS are the way to do that?!?!

    [Joey comes out from his room wearing ridiculous clothes. He has to look nineteen for an audition]
    Joey: 'Sup? 'Sup, dude?
    Chandler: [putting his hands up] Take whatever you want, just please don't hurt me.
    Joey: So, you're playing a little Playstation, huh? That's whack. Playstation is whack. 'Sup with the whack Playstation, 'sup? Huh? Come on, am I nineteen or what?
    Chandler: Yes, on a scale from one to ten, ten being the dumbest a person can look, you are definitely nineteen

    Joey: [to Ross] Forget about Rachel. Go to China, eat Chinese food.
    Chandler: Of course there they'd just call it food.'

    (lol. i had a good laugh. and of cos, there were some from Sienfield..!!)

    It's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper.

    Men want the same thing from their underwear that they want from women: a little bit of support, and a little bit of freedom.

    The Swiss have an interesting army. Five hundred years without a war. Pretty impressive. Also pretty lucky for them. Ever see that little Swiss Army knife they have to fight with? Not much of a weapon there. Corkscrews. Bottle openers. "Come on, buddy, let's go. You get past me, the guy in back of me, he's got a spoon. Back off. I've got the toe clippers right here."



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Thursday, November 20

Jie Jie!

    Happy Birthday Jie Jie!!

    i wanna get a pretty cake like this too!

    awww. toooo pretty to eat!

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Tuesday, November 18

Beautiful Black-And-White-Photography

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Monday, November 17

What do we say about men?

    there are certain things that i do not comprehend, and one of it being how some boys/men think of where they set their bar to be a good boyfriend, or being responsible for their actions ? with this said, we're be damn sure there are scumbags who would love to be in pretense to be ignorant..like, "what did i do wrong?" kinda crap. ya. yadda yadda. *eyes rolling*

    being "single" and not necessarily on the uglier category, i do occasionally get male friends (single or attached) who would straight up flirt with me and probably hope for me to reciprocate(i would of cause, stay behind my line, wherever i would like to draw it) at some point. flirting, as known, IS perfectly healthy, for men or women, for one who relies on, to bring/get them sex or the feel good factor, or even to feed their egoistic side(when they know their tricks actually work). but what gets on my nerves are those who proclaim to be such good boyfriends, and within the next minute, start addressing me with sweet names and try and do their (disgusting)thing.


    seriously? did they have brains growing in their arse? or they're just such a plain kookoohead to have not seen how disgusting they look in front of their girlfriends? it is absolutely unfathomable for my part feminist self, and to be oblivious with their irresponsibilities, is just over the top. the only reason that will actually make me have even the slightest reaction to this, is when they think i am either :

    1. dumb (like their girlfriends)
    2. needy of men or sweet nothings
    3. someone who can feed their ego needs (when i flirt back)
    4. i actually quite like them as a person!! %*(*$$(#@!(@..

    *groans* i seriously want to think there is still hope to a happy relationship. whats wrong with these people?

    im done with telling people how they should live their lives and whats right or wrong, or against or beyond justifications. my respect for those will just be reserved for what they're worth and thats just my opinion (which i have learned to not necessarily share with people at just under any circumstances). however, albeit all negativity (some may call it) ;

    i still wish all people happily ever after.


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Saturday, November 15

黎礎寧 - Save Me From Myself.

    i chanced upon this video some months back when the competition was still on, and i was impressed and in awed with her voice since.

    i went on youtube just to hear her again, and this time, i was in shocked by her fans who commented on the clip. whatever went through her mind before, i hope she found peace now. my condolences.

    read here for news.

    this song that i remembered her of..ironic isn't it.

    such a pity.

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Friday, November 14

2nd chances?

    second chances? mmmm.

    it occurs to me (totally random really), while there are second chances and people abusing them, why do we entitle some with second chances? or was it really to give ourselves a second chance actually? i think, that second chances can only be deserving for one who didn't expect of it, because, it really is not a chance anymore, but an allowance, like a key, to let them off from the mistake they have made, like repeatedly, and then they have another chance to fuck it up, again. *rolls eyes* how ugly is that? right? and the stupid ones who let these chance abusers off time and again.. happily ever after? well, im not only not hundred percent on it, but prolly not even 50% certain.


    life without a second chance? i can live my life like this.

    not a bad idea at all, if anything, it enforces one to have full grasps of life and make possibilities into reality, because, its either, u work it OR lose it. pronto. to treasure the current and live life to the fullest. love like real and love like there's no tomorrow.

    isn't life better this way?

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Wednesday, November 12

Ryoichi Aratani

    it doesnt matter we don't share the same language, coming from diversify backgrounds, photography brings togetherness in its most unique way, and thats how i started the passion for it. though the website is in japanese, click on the images for more under each category. More can be seen here .

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