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Monday, November 17

What do we say about men?

    there are certain things that i do not comprehend, and one of it being how some boys/men think of where they set their bar to be a good boyfriend, or being responsible for their actions ? with this said, we're be damn sure there are scumbags who would love to be in pretense to be ignorant..like, "what did i do wrong?" kinda crap. ya. yadda yadda. *eyes rolling*

    being "single" and not necessarily on the uglier category, i do occasionally get male friends (single or attached) who would straight up flirt with me and probably hope for me to reciprocate(i would of cause, stay behind my line, wherever i would like to draw it) at some point. flirting, as known, IS perfectly healthy, for men or women, for one who relies on, to bring/get them sex or the feel good factor, or even to feed their egoistic side(when they know their tricks actually work). but what gets on my nerves are those who proclaim to be such good boyfriends, and within the next minute, start addressing me with sweet names and try and do their (disgusting)thing.


    seriously? did they have brains growing in their arse? or they're just such a plain kookoohead to have not seen how disgusting they look in front of their girlfriends? it is absolutely unfathomable for my part feminist self, and to be oblivious with their irresponsibilities, is just over the top. the only reason that will actually make me have even the slightest reaction to this, is when they think i am either :

    1. dumb (like their girlfriends)
    2. needy of men or sweet nothings
    3. someone who can feed their ego needs (when i flirt back)
    4. i actually quite like them as a person!! %*(*$$(#@!(@..

    *groans* i seriously want to think there is still hope to a happy relationship. whats wrong with these people?

    im done with telling people how they should live their lives and whats right or wrong, or against or beyond justifications. my respect for those will just be reserved for what they're worth and thats just my opinion (which i have learned to not necessarily share with people at just under any circumstances). however, albeit all negativity (some may call it) ;

    i still wish all people happily ever after.


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