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Tuesday, November 25

Asia's Best Young Entrepreneurs 2008

    i'm a lil late to be announcing this, but with since i have my embaressing story to share (yes i lost my mobile twice this year), i thought this business idea caters to those (who are like me), who unvolunteerily cultivated such bad habits to lose their mobile phones too much too often (it was said that i could even loose my head if i had it is screwed on my neck. :P).

    i was lucky that for the 2nd time this year, kind hearted souls actually retruned me my mobile. we all know that mobile phones in singapore are like the cheapest gadgets to play with, so its really the contacts in the sim card that is what seems to be more important. yes, i never back up and i will always say i will soon, but it still wont happen anytime soon. :P

    and voila! here could just be our saviour.

    Darius Cheung, Varun Chatterji, Rishi Israni, Indradeep Biswas
    Ages: 27, 28, 26, 25Company: tenCube

    "A simple idea goes a long way for these young entrepreneurs in Singapore. When one of their co-founders keep losing his mobile phone, the team got together to find a solution to this familiar problem. tenCube now develops and sells leading mobile-phone security software called WaveSecure. Among other features, WaveSecure allows you to lock your phone remotely, track usage of the device, back up data through the Web, and remotely wipe your private data off the phone even after you lose it. The company boasts high-profile clients such as the Singapore Police Force and the Singapore Defense Ministry. The consumer version of WaveSecure proved to be very popular when it was launched in December 2007, the company had 60,000 WaveSecure users within 90 days of its launch; it has since been adopted by leading brands such as Nokia and Telenor to secure their users' mobile devices. The team is made up of graduates of the National University of Singapore."

    read more here.

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