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Sunday, November 30

Month 12! It's a time to..

    chill out. sentosa spa weekend next week. bunny can't wait!

    attend your besties wedding. (my 11th time to be the helping sister for the bride. not sure if its a good sign, but not that i care anyway.) lotsa hearts to J & J!

    pre-x'mas beach parties with girlies! champagnes by the pool!

    nothing beats my meee time with my books. *blissful look*

    a high tea hen's party at ritz carlton. :) unusual and i like it different. hopefully heaps of photographs, gossips and we've heard enough of strippers already.

    spend quality time and laugh with the people you love. (p/s : more thanksgiving!)

    celebrate! its my birthday month! yipeeedee da do.

    garden party is totally random, but i love this picture. makes me wanna have one too!

    just get your gears up to celebrate, get crazy and be wicked for once. after a year of turmoil, im sure we all deserve it.


    what's up with you for this coming festive month?

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