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Friday, November 14

2nd chances?

    second chances? mmmm.

    it occurs to me (totally random really), while there are second chances and people abusing them, why do we entitle some with second chances? or was it really to give ourselves a second chance actually? i think, that second chances can only be deserving for one who didn't expect of it, because, it really is not a chance anymore, but an allowance, like a key, to let them off from the mistake they have made, like repeatedly, and then they have another chance to fuck it up, again. *rolls eyes* how ugly is that? right? and the stupid ones who let these chance abusers off time and again.. happily ever after? well, im not only not hundred percent on it, but prolly not even 50% certain.


    life without a second chance? i can live my life like this.

    not a bad idea at all, if anything, it enforces one to have full grasps of life and make possibilities into reality, because, its either, u work it OR lose it. pronto. to treasure the current and live life to the fullest. love like real and love like there's no tomorrow.

    isn't life better this way?

posted by fries @ 11:25:00 PM