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Monday, April 20

Random Day with Qing Ai De

    wakeboard sunday and i was snap happy. hung out with that qingaide and we were amazed by how much alike we are. learning about another is always interesting. (P/S : qingaide is not my bf). like kids we dared each other to dip walk (imagine us bend ur knees as make every step), all the way to cineleisure to get movie tix, and becos both of us did it throughout (yes with people staring and laughing along the way, i am game enough to not care how people look at us), non of us got a free movie and dinner after. damn i should win this.

    to sum it up, it was a very good day.

    wakeboard/kinokuniya (bought a book from Ian Jeffery about reading famous photographs)/coffee club express (topic of new muse)/movies (17 again was quite funny)/pastamania (i dun undertand why i still go after the 2635th time i complained it sucks, see how easy i am with food)/sat under cineleisure(i got to know a secret)/random suggestion to walk along orchard road/sat at some random building and chatted throughout the night (all oh so random)

    random series of events, and not so random coincindence on many similarities we shared. i found my new buddy and have him added on my list.


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