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Monday, August 4

Back ?/!/...

    after two transits at Madrid and Paris, and about 10 episodes on Grey's anatomy (with such long flight, i even managed to squeeze in What Happen in Vegas. yes because i rather look at the pretty face like cameron diaz, and yes, pure boredom has got me so bad, and so i really need some brainless movie to get me on my sleeping mode during long flights like this), i finally saw the familiar roads of or lion city. and after all, i am appreciating the efficiencies of our changi airport and how it makes a difference when transiting can be hassle free. seriously, what i experienced can never be more inconvenient and tiring as i even want to bring it up. nuff said.

    the first thing that came to my mind- Asian food for dinner. lol. (you wouldn't believe i actually dreamt of random local food the night before i leave Ibiza. hilarious really, kinda like my sub-conscious is reminding me to not forget my roots (?), because, i wasn't missing it obviously. :P)

    i suppose one should be recharged after a break, and although i do dread waking up at 630am for work tomorrow, i was missing work while i was away. :)

    while i have set my mind to get back to my other work(out), like my yoga routine. lol. am torn between True Yoga and Pure Yoga, which offers relatively similar benefits for me, lets hope im impress with the prices tomorrow.

    the sad part about life for me, is not being able to skip sleep, or cheat sleep, because biologically, you can't subtract feeling tired, add energy or divide your souls into two (for one to sleep and the other to work and play). hence, we became incoherent (like this) and self delusioned (like always(?) whaha) , which our mind seems to be drifting while our fingers just do the typing.

    ok, SERIOUSLY, its bedtime calling.

    ta for now. -.-
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