"dysfuctionally inspired"

Saturday, August 9

    hey folks, it had a buzy week for me, so im being excused for my lack of updates? ahah, slacker me, full of excuses.


    today's mumsie's birthday! she never knew about my blog and so i'll save my birthday wishes till i see her in abit. trotted down to the mall to grab birthday prezzie with babyg for mumsie, hopped onto the bus and headed home to feed my poor kitty only to find out my bro-in-law had it taken care of *shrugs* , oh well.

    you know, i so feel like i need to rush to the toilet right now, but when u have ur kitty cuddling up to u on ur lap and making cutesy faces while he adjusted himself to nap comforfortably..well, i think i will still push him away and make my way to the toilet. Muahahaa! *turns to her cat* "sorry, wrong timing dude.."

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