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Wednesday, August 27

    yesterday was the 1st day of the Gatsby show. it was quite a sight with all the super models and press and gays. it was such a relieve when i found out that all i have to do is stay pretty and glam in the Vip Lounge aka The Relax Room with free services provided like massage, manicure, make-up and hair styling. it was super duper bored but i have 6 long hrs to bear with. my only consolation would prob be able to ogle at the international models and stylish gays, but no boobies *sobs* walking in and out of the room.

    today, there'll be a new hairstylist. i hope i dun get tooo bored, but i will be visiting the manicurist for a free service. yay!

    ok, so bear with it. one more day, 6 more hours.

    background+ radiohead
    i will
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