"dysfuctionally inspired"

Saturday, August 23

    i stepped outta the train when i noticed i stupidly got onto the wrong side of the track to board the train. it was city hall's station and the crowd was buzzing from all directions, my company was skinDy complaining the whole world and pouring out her day over the phone. i had a huge blue all-in-one bag where i dump all my documents,books and camera that was hanging over my shoulder and pressing my mobile to my ear, straining to hear skinDy on the other end. when i stepped up to the escalator,i shifted myself comfortably to the left side and rested my hand(then holding my multi-purpose card holder) on the rubber handle i always love to scratch when i was young(haha). midway up to the station control, my card holder slipped and it dropped back down to basement 3 where i came from. it didn't get when i saw it slipped, it still didn't when i failed to find it, but i have to ask skinDy to hang up when even the security i approached was missing it. as i moved around frantically in search of my card holder, i was trying hard to recall what might have been important that was staying in it.

    i now have to go to the police station to report for my losses. my identity card, atm card, credit card(which i had already cancelled), ez link card(my public tranportation's card), my driving licsense, all clients and colleague's business cards and about a ten $10 notes.

    what a great weekend.

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