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Saturday, May 31

Saturday's Suprises and Sex in the City.

    hows everyone's weekend so far? i smell fun and i hope its coming from you too. :) muse got a lil suprise from me. actually, not so much of lil since its like a whole day thingy ive planned for him. so yeah. today is his treasure hunt day from me, and it was fun for the both of us since i love suprising my muse as much as receiving them to.

    the whole mysterious part of the treasure hunt game was for me to drop clues along the way so that the anticipation for "what's next?" builds up as the day moves ahead. he had a spa session after breakfast, and i also got him to work for one of the clues (40mins on the cycle in the gym, and im proud of him!), while all these are happening, i went to have my me time! haha. did some shoppa for beach party wear for our 10days ibiza trip!

    fantabulous plan i made didn't i? :D :D

    later, he was all smiley to receive the next clue to arrived at orchard cineleisure at 415pm as told, and absoultely clueless that he has to produce one of the hints to exchange for a movie ticket (SATC!). as for me, i just sat in the theatre and waited for the movie to start and him to come sit beside me (big grin on his face and i was awarded a big fat kiss too.)!

    ok, wait, before i go on futher, on a TOTALLY side and unrelated but important note for SATC fans! i neeeeeeda rant and rave bout this. but wtf? Sex and the City will be rated M18 with cuts. with FREAKIN CUTS can u imagine it? oh, and so thanks for nannying us once again, we now know how having sex look like from experience but not through the movie of SEX and the city, what a joke?).

    oh well. *regains composure*

    now where was i again? ah.. more suprises! *blows kisses*

    and the last suprise came when Kimberly, the manager of SAGE called him after the movie (as per requested by me) to remind him of the resevation at 7pm (by then, he laughed and nodded at me. tee hee) and they have been awaiting for our arrival. lol. he hung up with such a silly grin and i just walked off with a smirk on my face and thanking him for the resevation because it was oh so very sweet of him. *chuckles*

    P/S : of course..the day can't be any more perfect with gooood sex after dinner. OooOoOooooOO *wink wink and more winks*

    lil cornyi know, but i reckon saturday with all these concluded the day of SSS in the City (read : tittle of post). hur hur. *kills self with unacceptable lameless*

    and so, since i had so much fun planning for his first treasure hunt, he's happy that im going to do it again some day soon. :)
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