"dysfuctionally inspired"

Friday, May 23


    if we may emark on the journey in black and white, ah, such tantalising thought this is.. it would be oh so beautiful and beyond imagination. the nostalgic feeling one could experience with every step we make and admiring different shades and tones of grey the world creates. it could've revealed the inner desires mankind was even unaware of.
    when the journey is not about the destination, but the paths we crossed, the pitstops we make, and the realization of the current - our NOW. the metaphors in relation all the who/what/where/why (s). or this teeeny weany space our feet occupy on our mother earth we stand to see/hear/taste/feel , have we forgotten to appreciate the whole of being here, for us just being us?
    beyond and even before senses, its not just about waking up to smell the roses anymore.
posted by fries @ 8:45:00 AM