"dysfuctionally inspired"

Thursday, May 22

Asking For It.

    the disadvantage of staying over at someone else's place is that we have to be creative in mis-matching the limited clothes we brought over that sometimes have to last for more than 5 working days.

    not trading for new sets of clothes over the last weekend serves me right to come to work with my supposed weekend-top *rolls eyes*. and it might be a lil too skimpy if i may add, attracting unwanted attention the minute i sat down with teasing colleagues whistling and giving me the thumbs up. *tsk tsk* the huge hole at the back does not even have a pants to compensate the unintentional-slutty-look that i accidentally created when i decided to match it with my black mini skirt. i know.. *mutters* what was i thinking?
posted by fries @ 8:14:00 AM