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Thursday, May 29

My Evil Twin - Gregor

    i still dream about it some times.
    my heart burns now.
    yes lets capture everything on silver salts and create reminiscences of peace and shambles in two different prejudices.
    we will laugh until we cry.
    we will be so sad because we are too happy.
    we will starve, we will gorge.
    we will walk for days and sleep for weeks.
    our bodies will run tirelessly on chemicals and love.
    now i am wondering if you have a bookshelf globe.
    we will go where your index lands.

    found this comment that gregor left on my old post about our chiangmai trip in 2004. this is how i will always remember my evil twin, which you would never believe how we allow torments at any levels from each other, while we derive some kind of sick satisfaction after some good 5-10mins of verbal abuse (and when the moods stikes, physical abusing will come in as well), and to top it off, we might even insert some evil laughter after (although it can only occur on the usual msn chats, and it normally gets worse/scarier when we are not on chats), and when one basks in his/her glorious victory, the other move on to new evil plots.

    we do repent and try to make it up sometimes, for the fear that bad karma strikes, and we're left all alone, with nothing to return, no one to laugh at, and then its realization of who's got the last laugh but thatsthats when we express our brother sister love with words like the above. u see, now we're sure going to heaven, because they say if you repent and redeem yourself, we will be saved. twisted we are, but i hope u see we are still somehow positive. :)

    so its been about 6yrs, and this whole disturbing pattern of our lifes, has never failed to inspire each of our souls. thats us. thats my evil twin.

    oh, we are also partying at zouk this saturday if your keen to join. please do. share the love. *winks*
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