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Monday, May 19

Paris and Ibiza!

    paris and ibiza in july. confirmation of tickets has been forwarded with the dj list that goes on for months! enthusiasm starts from the ibiza part calender here!


posted by fries @ 11:43:00 PM
Anonymous snow white said...

omg!! u gg ibiza!! i had that planned in my june trip, but decided to give it up so as to give more time to paris.. hahaha. so coincidental AGAIN!

7:55 PM  
Blogger fries said...


babe! u gotta give me 4 numbers for 4D or somthing lah! lol. although i neither buy 4D or toto or any of the related sort. :P

lol. you're goin paris in june? whaha! if not i can see you there! haha.

12:13 PM  
Blogger snow white said...

haha unbelievable lar.. btw re e weddin post, i also always get teary at weddings omg.. me gg paris n spain in june. haha.

hey after tt im gg back SG, we order Zipia again!!!

11:08 PM  

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