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Wednesday, March 14

One Good Trip.

    i miss them. an unplanned trip i never regretted. i wish to do it again. gregor, come come we go backpack end this year. bring our cam and loads of films. laugh laugh laugh with food and drinks. go without sleep and itinerary. jus a map in hand and our feet will do the lead.
posted by fries @ 12:44:00 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i still dream about it some times.
my heart burns now.
yes lets capture everything on silver salts and create reminiscences of peace and shambles in two different prejudices.
we will laugh until we cry.
we will be so sad because we are too happy.
we will starve, we will gorge.
we will walk for days and sleep for weeks.
our bodies will run tirelessly on chemicals and love.
now i am wondering if you have a bookshelf globe.
we will go where your index lands.


8:18 AM  

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