"dysfuctionally inspired"

Friday, May 16

Balancing the "load".

    so now we know, and the time has come. zach will be away for some time and a text message from him, made my entrance in the morning to the office a teary one. we all live and learn, i hope he learned well this time. in addition to the already low friday, the dinner with boss yesternight although went really well with the to and fro of problems analysing with desk and what i am expected of for the next quarter, i failed terribly at the negotiation of the money matters. the load IS still getting heavier.

    speaking of heavy loads, my hair appt with dear janice gave me a weekend with neater tress and defo a lighter load for my head to prance in the spot lights of zouk tomorrow. yes. party night can be very very theraputic at times like this.
posted by fries @ 5:20:00 PM