"dysfuctionally inspired"

Monday, May 12

Time for Bunnyself.

    i must admit, i have been leading some kinda mundane life after the hectic weeks of exams and medications, thus, the lack of post here. :)

    we must all be understanding that one has to learn to enjoy serenity and indulge in a book and let the imagination be aroused by the other world she feed from what she read. its been awhile since i have the chance to finish a book, with no long pause in between of cause, and finally gave up because the overload of work with the addition of how disorganized this lazy bunny can be. *tsk at self*

    but i am in every way, enjoying the time for bunnyself. hop when she wants, prance as the mood arises. its been a tad crazy from the tension from work, but on a good note to start, i now have a new contract to ponder about. mmmm.

    while i let my thoughts settle for abit, i am adjusting my seat to read. :) swimming on a monday evening is a good start for the week. *stretches arms and legs*
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