"dysfuctionally inspired"

Sunday, September 28

    daddy jo and i were people watching in dhoby ghaut mrt station. scanning everyone of them who escalated down from the north south line, daddy jo suddenly shook my elbow and said "dun you find the couple weird..". we then had our eyes pointed at a man who stood behind a lady very closely with her backpack strapped sercurely behind her but her pockets were opened and revealing her wallet while the man behind discreetly slipped his hand in and draws out her wallet. he was pickpocketing! "OIE", i shouted across to alarm the victim but the pickpocket got shock and dropped the wallet back to where it belongs. i shouted for the lady to beware of the man behind her and this time round the fucking man prentended to tap on her shoulder to warn her bout her revealing wallet. "miss! he's trying to steal your wallet! be careful!" she then turned to stare at the man with an annoyed look and proceeded her journey. too bad we were too far, or else we wld've nap the pickpocket and hand him over. we later appraoched the station guards, but finding both the victim and culprit was to no avail.
posted by fries @ 2:28:00 AM