"dysfuctionally inspired"

Sunday, November 10

    Rant rant rant...

    Rant 1
    I just knock off not long.(go ahead,burn my weekends)

    Rant 2
    I should be in bed.(im going to hate saturdays..)

    Rant 3
    But im hungry,and there's no munchies.(and im on diet)

    Rant 4
    There's class in the early morning later. (and sundays..)

    *chants prayers for better tomorrow*

    dear papa god, *hestitates for a sec*
    oh,and mama guanyin,*shuts her eyes tightly*
    please bless me with rain and happier tomorrow..

    *peeps with one eye making sure no one looking*

    and all other tomorrows..if you don't mind..

    (will they punish me for my greedy-ness??)

    i'll treasure every bit of your kindness and generosity..

    (hmm? shit..amen or ah mi tuo fuo? )

    sincerely,thanks..bless everyone.
    erm..sorry,i mean every sacred highness..

    tata..night night..
    *trots back to snugglicious bed*

    background+jessica rabbit
    why don't you do right

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