"dysfuctionally inspired"

Tuesday, November 5

    I'm bored. *spaced out for a sec*.*awakened by annoyance of boredom* (starts ranting again) And when you're desperate for a company,they're always out of reach. *leans her head back and whines* By the way,*narrows eyes at wil* what the hell is the use of your three phones? *mutters* If you're throwing those lame excuses that all three are in your car again,erm..may i suggest you offer them to my cat,or your doggies?Prolly it will serve a better usage with them,i strongly believe so. *rolls eyes at wil*

    On sun,i had a silent war with baby G at bishan's Burke's.Oh don't you worry,its been resolved.So,he walked me to the bus stop,and i happily hopped into bus 88 heading to meet sisterkinny Ivy.

    *smoochies on baby G's cheeks before she got up the bus*

    the bus is packed.damned. *shuffles herself a little to the back of the bus*
    (after two bus stops.....)
    spotted a seat.*checked that there's no elderly or pregnant women around before moving up to the seat*
    Ahh...all seated.jovily took out her book to read. hmm..
    (another few stops later.....)
    An old man got up the bus.Hokay,bye bye
    comfy seat.*stood up and walked over to him*

    me :ah pek(hokkien term for old man),u wana sit down?
    *friendly smile*
    ah pek :mai(no,in hokkien).thank you.
    (the bus reached a stop and the ah pek alighted)

    oops,there's another ah pek. *walked over and taps his shoulder gently*

    me :ah pek,u wana sit? *pointing at my warm empty seat *
    ah pek(2) :im alighting in a few stops.*grateful smile*
    me :ok.*smiled back and also flashed one to an ah mah(old
    women in hokkien) smiling at me for my good intentions*

    i scuttled back to my seat.(glad no one took it) and began to read again.

    by now,i'd already attracted alot of unwanted stares.when the bus is packed,and you're offering your seat to the elderly,doing a considerably good deed i suppose,everyone would stare.*forrows brows*. like you're performing an alienic act thats not accepted by singaporeans.*worries for the bad influence her child gets from this society*

    to make the whole trip worse....

    a fuckhead got up the bus.saw ah pek(2) standing near where i sat and cornered his eyes at me.knock knock,fuckhead,what is wrong with you? i know what he's thinking.a young bitch who doesn't have the basic moral of courtesy to offer her seat to someone else who needed it more,and sitting there,lamely pretending to read.I hate it when ppl judges me unfairly.*stomps her feet* We exchanged evil stares and sword's eyes for like 5 secs,and the fuckhead went up to the upper-deck. *mutters mutters*

    Forget it.he's just a fuckhead.shall not let him get to me...*brushed him off*

    An ah mah got up the bus carrying lotsa bags.Needless to say,i did what i should.Even helped her with her stuffs.Ok,need to hold the handle bars now,so theres no chance of reading my book now. *unzipped her bag and slot her book back in* Now,wheres the fuckhead....

    numbed in moscow
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