"dysfuctionally inspired"

Friday, November 15

    Now, just when you thought you're pathetic and no one wants to hang out with you.(well,it always happens to me on tuesday afternoon, bleh! )You're all alone in orchard. Bored and bumming around? *bows and directs you with her palm* This place will be cool to hang out a little!


    ho hum

    Check, checked, crossed.

    Enthusiastic, half lost, a little worn out.

    Trying hard to gather the girls, too many ideas, too little help.

    *tears her her and stomps around*

    Oh my god.Everything's been fully booked ! Hokay..will try the yatch or the hotel poolsides. Worse come to worse,we'll have a dinner function and thats it. *frowns* What am i suppose to do? *lift her head up and look up to the sky hoping she'll get an answer* Nope.Not even a hint. *whines* Anyway,i'll still try tommorrow. *keeps fingers crossed*

    background+saint germain
    jungle jazz ( Theme song from sex and the city!! *blows you lusty kisses*)

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