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Monday, October 30

Stay Happy To Be Happy.

    this time, i look back and started to ponder. the year is soon coming to an end and a new year awaits us. hope will always be out there, stay with the positive flow and life will be much happier. thinking back, i realised that i have been lenient with my expectations in life. going for holidays, my dive trips, and picking up a new skill or advancing to the next step with school or work. how have i fulfilled them? its only questionable if one has been contended with what they have. do not strive for so much and ended up a unhappy soul. never lost the meaning of life.

    feeling contended is not me and im ashamed to be one of those who let the material things got the better of me. be it a holiday, a new gadget, stilletos, or all the pretty pretty things. *laughs* happiness can never be bought, but i do not disagree with buying gifts to make myself happy. buy me an airticket to anywhere and i'll prove to u. whahah. ok, im trying.

    well i need to work harder. i need to earn more moolah and learn how to balance all the work with fun, and still keep sane while i can catch up with the love ones too. so much to do. so much i have to do. life is never easy but we just need to find ways to make us happy.


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