"dysfuctionally inspired"

Tuesday, October 10

Wait And See.

    coming back from amsterdam has been awhile and so many things have changed. my perception of things and work and all those questions. caught up with some friends to realise i cant even catch up with my own life. how ironic.

    the expectations of what may come can never be easy, however, negligence is not what u all want from me. what do u want? what do u expect? what do i see? i have my reservations for now. too much output and too much rants. lets just wait and see, and maybe the better of it will really come to me.

    do what i do best and do what i like best. why have i gone of track and get upset? i miss those days where i just work for fun. i miss all the fun. i miss those times.
posted by fries @ 1:04:00 PM