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Friday, September 1

Crazy Bunny With High Spirits.

    my spirits been up lately and im such a lucky froggy. amsterdam is 15 days away to be very exact *grins*, and i think it will be a good break for me. i have so many things in my list and still secretly hoping that i can squeeze in time for short course(s). crazy bunny me. how to hop hop with too many pops in my head? i wonder how much one will need to push the limit and see how she crashes. wont die lah. i think(?)

    i need to brush up my photography skills soon. has always wanted to try studio photography, but i dont have a dslr for the course. sigh sigh sigh. scratching my butt will help?

    school is starting very soon! im really excited about it! weeeeeee!

    background + stacy kent's
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